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The Business

Who is the DrGroup
The DrGroup is an Australian owned group of companies originally established in 1997 under the DrPC pillar that has now been expanded to include the additional pillars of DrAV, DrVC and most recently DrTelco.

As a result of the convergence of these technologies the DrGroup offers a single point of contact across all the areas for (ISS) – Installation, Service and Support which delivers these services using the specific technical skills required.

At the DrGroup we pride ourselves on providing fast and professional ISS 24/7. We are experienced in multi-vendor technologies in environments both large and small and across multiple geographic environments.

What Makes the DrGroup Different
Our philosophy is our continued improvement in the way we operate and the total experience we deliver to our customers.

We as a company are “Customer Centric” supported by highly developed “Process and Procedures” which ensures the consistency of our ISS irrespective of which company pillar provides the service or where the service is delivered throughout Asia Pacific.

All this is fully documented in our “Extensive Standard Operations and Procedure Manuals” which are continually updated as we find better ways of servicing our customers locally and internationally.

In addition, when an employee joins the DrGroup it is the beginning of their educational journey as we encourage and support them to improve their knowledge and understanding by undertaking specific courses to enhance their knowledge so that they can better serve our customers.

The DrGroup is here to help you fulfil your business requirements as a respected Partner across all technologies.

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