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DrPC is a national service company providing technical support, assistance and training on computer and communication products through partnered retail outlets (Reseller).

Customer Responsibilities

  1. When you purchase a DrPC service from a reseller, you must activate the service within 60 days of purchase otherwise the service lapses at DrPC's discretion. You must also retain the receipt for the lifetime of any product or service you purchase and quote the receipt number and (CRN) Customer Reference Number on activation, and when required present the issued card and receipt as evidence of your purchase. For your added security you will be provided with a (PIN) Personal Identification Number on activation, it is recommended you keep the PIN and CRN in a secure and safe location as these will be requested each time the service is used.
  2. Activation of the product must occur between the hours of 8am to 8pm Monday – Friday and 10am - 5pm Saturday and Sunday.
  3. Once activation occurs the product is non-refundable.
  4. You must give DrPC 24 hours notice if you wish to reschedule an appointment otherwise DrPC may at its discretion charge a cancellation fee at the current listed rate.
  5. DrPC is not responsible for lost data under any circumstances and recommends that you back up all vital data on a regular basis and in particular prior to any DrPC service whether it is by, internet or onsite. DrPC can backup you data prior to the commencement of any work at an additional charge.
  6. For onsite services, you need to have where applicable (a) the equipment connected to power within the immediate vicinity (b) the internet and/or home network activated (c) legally licensed software and (d) the requisite hardware devices, components, software, cables and cabling.
  7. For onsite service the working environment in which the DrPC technician is requested to perform their duties must meet the respective Occupational Health and Safety (OH & S) regulations of the respective states and/or territories. If the DrPC technician believes that the environment does not meet these requirements then at DrPC's sole discretion reserves the right to leave the site in which case you will be required to pay compensation at the current listed rate in order for DrPC to complete the service.
  8. For onsite services an adult of 18 years must be available for the entire service and at the agreed time, otherwise DrPC will leave the site in which case you will be required to pay compensation at the current listed rate in order for DrPC to complete the service.
  9. You are responsible for meeting all manufacturer warranty conditions on your products and DrPC accepts no responsibility or liability for the consequences of any breach that may occur during the delivery of a DrPC service.

DrPC Service

  1. DrPC reserve the right to withdraw any service from sale at any time.
  2. DrPC reserve the right to cancel any active service at any time in which case DrPC will pay you a full refund based on the original service receipt referred to in 2 above.
  3. DrPC service details and prices were correct at the time of printing but are subject to change without notice.
  4. DrPC may at your request provide you with additional services including data transfer or back-up services and in these circumstances DrPC will issue an additional receipt while onsite or forward a receipt by email if completed remotely.
  5. DrPC service is available throughout Australia but a traveling surcharge at the listed rate may apply outside of all metropolitan areas and 30km from regional centres serviced by DrPC.
  6. DrPC service is available 7 days a week excluding public holidays, and DrPC will use its best endeavours to deliver timely service notwithstanding unpredictable volume spikes, unscheduled transport or sickness problems, and other factors beyond our control, including but not limited to power failure, technical breakdowns and acts of God.


  1. Products and or services which are deemed non transferable are only for use by the person who activated the product and cannot be not be used by any other person.
  2. DrPC does not support illegal software products or practices and will not provide any service related to or depending on them.
  3. Products and services which are subject to a "fair use" policy are limited to 30 minutes of assistance in any one 24 hour period. Additional assistance can be provided at DrPC's sole discretion.
  4. DrPC does not acknowledge that product manufacturers specified environmental or minimum system requirements are correct and reserves the right to either modify them as a condition of providing a service or cancel the service as per clause 10 of these terms and conditions.
  5. DrPC may utilise other companies' products (3rd party) for the delivery of a service such as virus protection or back up software, and in these circumstances the terms and conditions of these 3rd party products as set out on their website also apply.
  6. If DrPC consider a technical matter might be covered under the manufacturer's warranty and accordingly refer you to the manufacturer, DrPC are not responsible for any ensuing costs or delays even if ultimately the problem was not covered by the manufacturer's warranty.
  7. DrPC support will be provided to the best of its ability however DrPC makes no guarantees as to the service quality nor does it accept responsibility and liability for ongoing support matters other than those provided for in these terms and conditions.
  8. DrPC makes no guarantees nor accepts any responsibility or liability for any consequential direct or indirect loss or damage resulting from its utilisation of 3rd party products, technical and operational matters or from delays of any nature or cause whatsoever.
  9. Subject to the customers statutory rights under the Australia Trade Practices Act or other similar state and territory laws, all entitlements and the liability of DrPC and/or their reseller is expressly limited to the cost of the service being provided.
  10. For participating Resellers, products and services can be "Recharged" via the respective the Resellers online shops.
  11. For fixed price services there are no additional charges other than those applicable in accordance with clause 13 of the terms and conditions.
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